On TV Fails, I put TV show episodes under the microscope and take them apart scene by scene, pointing out errors on the way. Being a German native I especially focus on episodes set in Germany – often with hilarious results as inconsistencies really start to pile up when the show’s creators don’t have the first idea about the country. Computers being used in all the wrong ways are also always a source of great entertainment.

Despite all the criticism displayed on this blog I really do enjoy watching most of these shows, even if many of them are pretty damn stupid. Hell, sometimes I continue to watch them because they are pretty damn stupid! I also don’t bother pointing out every single mistake – I don’t watch every show and sometimes I just don’t feel like writing about some silly mistake if the rest of the episode is great. Another time however I might just do that. That’s how I roll. Like it or leave it, it’s your choice!

As said before, I don’t watch everything thrown at me. As a general rule of thumb, I watch most dramas with a preference on crime, action comedy and mystery. If a show is rubbish I usually still give them a few episodes before I throw the towel, but I might even watch mediocre shows if nothing else is available. If a show is cancelled and it’s at least somewhat watchable I tend to follow through until all episodes have aired.

What I generally avoid are sitcoms, family shows and rom-coms. I also don’t enjoy science fiction too much, mostly because sci-fi on TV tend to be so low budget it hurts.

All screengrabs have been taken straight from the episodes and were posted without permission. However, Fair Use should apply here given the blog’s content is criticism, all images are properly attributed to their respective owners and 99% of the pictures posted are still images. The remaining 1% are extremely short GIF animations that are required in order to prove the particular point of the article they are posted in. If you are a copyright holder and object to images of your copyrighted works being posted here, please send an email to tvfails@tvfails.us – I’ll sort it out immediately. But please, be considerate. Posting these pictures hurts absolutely nobody.

All header photographs were taken by myself on various visits to film sets around New York City. You are free to do whatever you want with them, as long as you don’t claim you took them.