Creativity without compromise

After my recent post featuring a very odd QR code on The Blacklist: Redemption, I started to take note whenever these kinds of codes appear on TV shows. FOX’s 24: Legacy is no exception, and this time it’s even funnier than before.

On episode 11, Carter tries to access the Pentagon with the senator in tow (or actually more in tow of the senator) to get a certain person of interest to talk. He doesn’t have clearance – only the senator does – so he plays dressup as a federal agent while CSU creates a fake clearance for him. It’s send to his cellphone:

Promotional consideration by Samsung, of course. – Image (c) FOX

He then manages to get access to the Pentagon on the second attempt. What a magical clearance code! But what does the QR code actually mean? Well, it contains only a link to, a company specializing – you guessed it – in prop rentals for the movie industry. Why the code contains a link to that company is beyond me, but considering the show is filmed at least partially in Georgia and said company has a warehouse in Atlanta, it does make sense.

Ironically, the company has the slogan “Creativity without compromise” which this use of a QR code certainly is. It isn’t, however, a good idea to try to enter the Pentagon that way.

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