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Despite all the bad press about 50 Cent being broke, his personal TV show Power still goes on. Season 3 has finally started and it seems they managed to secure a little marketing deal. It’s probably for the best since executive producer 50 Cent isn’t going to provide much more than his namesake’s worth of currency if the rumors are true.

In episode 2, James St. Patrick’s kids have a sleepover at Angela’s place, and what’s better to calm a juvenile than video games? That’s right! Angela has got the technology all set up and also provides the game of choice:

Hey, Tariq, I got you your favorite video game.
You can play it now if you want.
Everything’s set up, I think.

Image (c) Starz
Image (c) Starz

Killer-Instinct-Xbox-One-Box-ArtIt’s only visible for a few frames but that’s a Killer Instinct box – exactly the one pictured on the left, by the way, so the Day One edition. If you look closely, it’s already unwrapped, so maybe she got it used? I don’t know.

Tariq couldn’t possibly be more excited about that gift:


Image (c) Starz
Image (c) Starz

He really doesn’t look like he has seen the game ever before because that’s not a look you have on your face if you’re excited about something you love. It’s more the look you have on your face if you’re not sure what the fuck is this thing in my hand but hey, that might just be me (if you give me my favourite video game, I sure as hell wouldn’t read the box because I already know it).

The kid objects:

That TV’s way too small.
My mom got a big screen at home.

That’s right, folks! Microsoft wants you to know Xbox One plays best on a BIG SCREEN TV!

Fortunately, before any more discussion about the viability of smaller TVs can ensue, the Xbox boots up – presumably without the game disc inside because we never see the box leave Tariq’s hands – with its (likely) trademark sound. Father and son can Jump in!

Image (c) Starz
Image (c) Starz

It’s (almost) all good – the console is clearly an Xbox One. It’s turned on (wow!). The controllers are not PlayStation or Wii controllers for once (woo!). They aren’t turned on (boo!) but at least the game is indeed Killer Instinct (hooray!). So what am I complaining about?

Oh, just that the Xbox One doesn’t exactly boot up that fast, let alone start a game that’s not installed (which can be assumed since Angela is fishing the game box out of her purse). Even considering the game was already installed, the console would take way longer to jump into action than one second. Sure, the Xbox One has a standby mode, but then you won’t get the boot sound, it just wakes up from hibernation. But of course, since the entire scene is obviously paid for by Microsoft, we can’t possibly wait the entire minute the damn thing usually takes to boot …

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