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European press went nuts last week over the release of Netflix’ new drama Marseille, instantly comparing it to House of Cards, Netflix other great political drama. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint all you journalists out there who can’t research for half a second, but if Marseille has to be compared to another show, it’s a french take on Boss. Which is good, because that show was seriously underrated and cancelled far too early. It’s also not as entertaining as Boss was, but it’s still not a bad show and it’s nice to see Netflix do something in Europe, can’t fault them for trying.

During the first two episodes, the mayor repeatedly gets strange emails – to his account no less. The entire show seems to be heavily sponsored by Microsoft so there’s Windows 10, Windows Phones and Surface tablets everywhere. Anyway, these emails contain a scan of a newspaper cutout:

Image (c) Netflix
Image (c) Netflix

Looks like the mayor has a little secret, doesn’t it? Well, in episode two, there’s a scene where prison guards are searching a female inmate’s cell. What they ultimately find is this damning piece of “evidence” – it’s hidden in the toilet, by the way, hence my not-so-clever post title:

Image (c) Netflix
Image (c) Netflix

Looks like they found the culprit, doesn’t it? That’s the image that was sent to the mayor alright! However, they shouldn’t jump to conclusions too quickly as there was no way the inmate could have sent these emails, at least not with that cellphone. You see, it’s a Thomson Tlink11, which, among other features, offers MP3 playback, a FM tuner and 200 phone book entries. It doesn’t, however, offer access to the internet or even just email. It doesn’t even run Windows! What a dumb phone.

It also feels like a seriously bad idea to hide a phone down a toilet and not turn it off before you do. Considering you can’t just recharge it in the open as much as you like – it’s a prison, after all, and cell phones aren’t allowed in there – why not turn it off and save battery? It’s also decidedly odd that the phone is still showing the picture instead of a lock screen, something you’d expect once the phone hasn’t been used for a while (and “for a while” with these old cells means basically as soon as you don’t press any buttons for all of five seconds).

Seems the mayor still has something to worry about, and so do we as this isn’t exactly a great start to a show that’s supposedly the “french answer to House of Cards” And it isn’t. But still..

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