Double blind

Just a quick two-shot post about the most recent episodes of NBC’s Blindspot.

(c) NBC
(c) NBC

First up, some “promotional consideration furnished by Lexus” in episode 12 which would be fine if they didn’t bother to write actual dialogue to help peddle their sponsor’s cars and mess it up in the process.

The team has to search five buildings but they don’t have much time to do that. Here’s a handy map of the five locations they need to check:

(c) NBC
(c) NBC

One of these spots is marked at 556 Division (it’s the second from the left). Suddenly, Tasha has a revelation, so to speak:

Tasha (to driver):
Hit the voice command button.

As instructed, the driver presses the button she asks for, and it’s fortunately right to the steering wheel so we can see the Lexus logo. Nice!

(c) NBC
(c) NBC

The onboard navigation system springs to life, as intended:

(c) NBC
(c) NBC

Lexus voice navigation system:
Please say a command.

Destination, 912 Division Ave.

Well duh, that building isn’t even marked on the map, but I guess in a Lexus, everything’s possible.

Next up is episode 13 where, during the “previously on” segment, they show a driver’s license:

(c) NBC
(c) NBC

Let’s play “spot the error”, shall we? If we go by the official sample document, there are at least these six mistakes to be found:

  • under the color picture of the license holder, there should be the month and year of the holder’s birthday (in this case, SEP 80) instead of “P 87”. It’s also not centered properly.
  • in the lower right corner, there should be the document number where the “organ donor” sign is, and that sign should be left of the document number
  • the background is all wrong too
  • according to the official DMV website, the photo should be grayscale, not color
  • the small photo to the right is too large, there should be visible framing around it (check the link above for samples)
  • the security feature under the small photo (warped text with the license holder’s name) should not be inside the photo, but below it

Wow, that’s a lot. However, nobody on the crack team of FBI experts around KURT even seem to notice this … nothing to worry about I guess, it’s just the license of a potential russian spy.

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