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Don’t think I’m gone! I’m actively watching about anything that moves on television – well, the stuff I care about anyway. There’s just not much interesting to tell about any of it, and since I don’t want to resort to exposing petty mistakes, I prefer to wait until something really fun comes along.

But my readers – yes, I do have readers, fortunately! – have uncovered some rather amusing goofs recently I wanted to share with you in a more in-depth manner.

The first one was found by Gabriella O. in The Blacklist, more specifically in season 2, episode 15. You might remember it, it was part of the whole “Tom Keen becomes a Neo Nazi” mess of a story arc.

In the episode before that, we’re treated to this picture of Dresden, Germany:

(c) NBC
(c) NBC

That’s a fine view over Dresden alright – we can identify the Frauenkirche to the left, the Katholische Hofkirche in the center and the Semperoper to the right. However, in episode 15, we’re shown another view of “Dresden, Germany”, this time at night:

(c) NBC
(c) NBC

The trouble with this picture is – it’s not Dresden, and it’s not even a German city. Instead, it’s the Hungarian city of Budapest! Compare the screenshot to this stock video – it’s not exactly the same view, but it clearly shows this isn’t Dresden at all. As Gabriella explains in detail:

[…] it’s Budapest, Hungary and the night-view of the Chain Bridge over the river Danube. It’s clearly recognizable (at least for me, who is from there), that the left side of the screen shows the hillier Buda side of the capital of Hungary with the lit-up view of the King Matthias Church and the Fisherman’s Bastion in the background.

I’m not really sure how this could happen – maybe they liked that view better than a view of Dresden at night? Maybe it’s just ignorance since “every European city looks the same anyway”? Given the rather glaring issues with the rest of these two episodes, this wouldn’t be exactly unlikely.

The second goof – this time for Homeland – was reported by an anonymous reader. You might remember there were some massive logical errors with the CIA watching a feed from an Berlin airport – BER to be precise. Now BER is still under construction and won’t open to the public for … I don’t know, maybe never, given the poor state it is in. However, their surveillance feed clearly showed passengers fleeing, leaving their luggage behind:

(c) Showtime
(c) Showtime

An important thing I missed watching the episode was that there’s a map next to Saul. On the map, there’s a circle supposedly marking where the feed originates from. Unfortunately enough, the circle isn’t marking BER – which is in the south – but the actually functional airport Tegel. So they are in fact watching an airport where terrorists could find targets to gas, but since Allison told Saul BER was the target, wouldn’t that be the wrong airport? And if they are indeed watching Tegel, why is the feed marked as originating from BER?

It’s really baffling that nobody on the production crew has spotted this absolutely glaring error. Many of the staffers were Germans anyway, why would they have let this slip? The only explanation I have is that the script originally called for Tegel as the target, but they moved to the non-functional BER instead to make things a bit less frightening and simply forgot about changing the map in post production. But considering the train station was the real thing, why would they bother changing airports?

That’s it for today! Thank you, dear readers, for providing me with even more interesting observations – I hope to see much more of that in the future. Hopefully the fall season will provide us with more goofy entertainment – the current shows just aren’t campy enough 🙁

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