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Yes, the current season of Homeland is utterly fantastic and even better than the last one, if that’s even possible. Filming in Berlin was a great idea, they employed really good German actors for all the right roles and even got the German dialogue (mostly) right. So, no problems, right?

Well, not for the most part, at least. Sure, the Deutsche Post logo on the post office where Quinn’s kill box was located is just plain wrong, but I assume the Deutsche Post didn’t want their logo associated with hitmen. On that note, VW didn’t seem to be too bothered about that, but they are lying bastards anyway, so no surprise there. Sometimes the dialogue changes from German to English for no apparent reason, even if the involved characters are known to speak German, but I’m happy they used native speakers at all, so I’m willing to let that one slide as well.

Unfortunately, episode 11 became exactly the clusterfuck I didn’t want it to be, and for no good reason either. When Allison lied about the terrorist’s target, she named “BER”, which is the IATA code for Berlin Brandenburg Airport. An airport would be a great target for terrorists, of course, especially one as large as BER, so that’s not the issue. No, the problem is that the airport isn’t operational yet and won’t be for the next few years. Right now, the last announced opening date was sometime in 2017 and it’s already certain BER won’t be opened that year. To the best of my knowledge, no passenger aircraft has ever departed from or landed on BER, and it’s not even clear if that’ll ever happen because the airport is constructed so poorly that it might need to be torn down and rebuilt from scratch.

And still, when Saul watches a live feed from BER, there’s an array of luggage visible, like the passengers just fled the scene.

(c) Showcase
(c) Showcase

Every German knows about this, by the way – the BER fuckup is a huge scandal in Germany – so there’s absolutely no way the BND guys wouldn’t have laughed that idea out of the office in an instant. In fact, I’d wager some high ranking people would be happy if terrorists blew up BER for them because it’d save them millions in deconstruction. Also, potential attackers would really need to try hard to cause any casualties at all because there’s next to no-one working on BER anyway.


  1. Actually – they just got the IATA code wrong, which should have been TXL. Interestingly enough the map next to me live feed Saul is watching does show the functional Tegel airport. You would think that someone on set would communicate with Germans (who would have pointed out the mixup right away) but apparently that was not the case.

    1. Thanks for that! I never even noticed the map, but this makes things worse, since the airport was indeed supposed to be BER because Allison explicitly mentions it to Saul.
      Why would the Americans search Tegel instead?

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