Bloody mess

Ah, Allegiance! Yet another utter mess of a show and already canceled for a while now, but I can’t help myself – I just have to watch it till the bitter end. As the story is just a total train wreck, there’s actually quite a lot that would have warranted a blog post, but most of the mess was kind of hard to visualize, so I chose to ignore it. Until episode 11, that is, where I noticed the following.

At the end of episode 10, Alex O’Connor purposely slit his own wrist on a screw to facilitate his escape from his captor, only to be rescued by daddy who just happens to be a Russian super spy. Unfortunately, Alex is losing a lot of blood and they can’t really go to a hospital because of the whole “being wanted by every agency in the world US” thing, so they have to improvise. Not to worry, though, as his parents have some blood conserves in their storage unit (no, really!). As luck would have it, his mother is Type O-, which means that her blood is “compatible” with her son’s blood no matter what his blood type would be. How very convenient, this whole blood transfusion thing should be hassle-free then, right?

Image (c) NBC
Image (c) NBC

You’d think the most important label on a blood bag is the one with the blood type, but maybe not.

(There is another explanation, of course: as the mother is Type O-, they could have just filled every blood bag in their storage unit with her blood, making labels obsolete. Still, considering they thought of absolutely everything so far, it’s hard to imagine they were careless on such crucial detail as the wrong blood type can kill the recipient.)

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