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TV Fails is in hibernation mode until the new TV seasons starts, but here’s one thing I noticed while watching episode 6 of Starz’ somewhat entertaining but at the same time kind of ridiculous gangsta drama Power.

So we’re in the living room of the Saint-Patrick family – you know, dad is a drug dealer slash club owner who cheats on his wife (yeah, he’s a handful), mom is a “singer” who’s mostly married for the platinum credit card, and the kids … well, the kids are actually refreshingly normal.

The son – whatever his name is, I constantly forget the character’s names on this show for some reason – is playing his game console with a stupid grin on his face. Take note of what the controller looks like as we’ll need that later.

Image (c) Starz Originals
Image (c) Starz Originals

This isn’t exactly well-liked by his mother, who tells him to shut the thing off until he’s done his homework. Fair enough, that’s her parenting skills at work – and, to be fair, she’s about the only one who seems to give a shit about the kids in this family. I guess he knows his mother isn’t to be trifled with about these things, so he’s a good son and turns off the TV, but apparently leaves the console powered. Hm.

Image (c) Starz Originals
Image (c) Starz Originals

The game he’s playing is Rayman Legends, which is A-OK for a kid. What he really wants to play is Assassin’s Creed, but Daddy Gangsta, being the perfect role model, disapproves because violence is bad or something.

In comes Daddy Saint-Patrick and speaks words:

“You want to keep that PS3, you do your homework for real, now.”

A PS3, for real now, dawg? Hey, that’s not going to be an issue at all, because it’s an Xbox360 as we can clearly see from the shape and design of the controller in Son’s hands (take note of the small holographic sticker and compare to this image).

To be fair, its not that great a TV Fail since it just emphasizes that Mr. Saint-Patrick is quite the absent-minded father – which isn’t exactly surprising – but if you are name-dropping a console at all on a show, you should make sure your set dresser doesn’t use the competitor’s product instead.

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