Even fake software needs standards

While watching the pilot episode of Believe again just to make sure I didn’t miss anything interesting, I noticed the following screen showing on a computer used in the prison escape sequence:

Picture (c) NBC
Picture (c) NBC

Of course, the entire thing is fake, but that’s not the point. I remembered the exact sameĀ  “software suite” being used before in another show: Person of Interest.

I must have a really good memory for irrelevant things, because I was correct – in season 2, episode 10, this screen shows up on Finch’s computer:

Picture (c) CBS
Picture (c) CBS

And it’s not just the same program; the content of the screen is identical down to the placement of windows and even the numbers, with the exception of some animated elements not being visible in both scenes. The only thing that’s really different is the greenish tint in the Believe version – everything else is exactly the same.

Of course, it’s perfectly logical to have two surveillance teams use the same software for the same things – in both cases they are essentially wiretapping someone – but it’s definitely not logical the data displayed on both screens would be identical to the last digit.

Given both shows are produced by Bad Robot, it’s probably not even that big a surprise, but like so much else in Believe, it’s still a complete hack job.

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